Accord Project

Techno-legal standards and open-source software
tools for the future of legal contracting

In collaboration with
As the legal industry’s first consortium for contracting, Accord will establish open-source tools and standards to revolutionize the nature of contracts. Built around a community of leading law firms, technologists, and other organizations, the project addresses the needs of enterprise contracting as digital transformation moves contracts from manual, paper-based processes to a data-driven environment.
Accord is working with Hyperledger Project and the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM) to advance computable legal contracts. Accord welcomes attorneys, technologists, business professionals and open source projects to join and contribute to the future of legal contracting through its working groups focusing on supply chains, employment and services, finance and insurance, and digital marketing.

Forming Standards

Working Groups in relevant commercial verticals will establish appropriate standards for contracting in each space

Creating a Community

The brightest minds in legal technology are leading this initiative and our various working groups


Creating a community of contributors both from legal and technical backgrounds to create open source tools

Thought Leadership

Regular networking and speaking opportunities. Engage with forward-thinking professionals and industry leaders

Accelerating the Transition

The transition to data-driven contracting is inevitable, and we’re pushing it forward quick

Platform Tools

Accord open sources platform tools (e.g. SDKs) that incorporate project standards to develop new use cases for smart legal contracts