Employment and Services

The provision of services is rapidly undergoing change as economies shift to knowledge-based work that takes place outside of traditional, long-term employment and compensation structures. The purpose of the Accord Employment and Services Working Group is to produce the standards and open source tools required to support new approaches to utilizing human capital with smart legal contracts. Essential to this goal is to integrate employment, freelance, compensation, benefits, and other types of work-related contracts with the data underlying the provision of the services.

Employment and services-specific contracting problems to be addressed by the Working Group include:
  • connecting contract milestones to payments using external sources of data or shared platforms;
  • bringing visibility to compliance with a wide variety of service level agreements;
  • use of digital markers to prevent scope creep;
  • automating invoicing of services contracts and associated credits and reimbursements from service credits;
  • automating disbursement of equity-based compensation according to vesting schedules, bonus arrangements, and meeting performance goals;
  • incorporate the use the scope of documents as indicated by a distributed ledger to determine compliance with non-disclosure provisions;
  • use of indoor GPS to monitor employee and contractor movement and give permission to access facilities according to terms of agreement;
  • integrating application or augmented reality instructions and analytics into job specifications to assist workers.